eco-friendly alternatives

eco-friendly alternatives

Goodbye single-use plastic products, hello eco-friendly alternatives.

Author Rasha Rehman / Category Sustainable Living / Published: Aug-02-2019

Goodbye single-use plastic products, hello eco-friendly alternatives. You’ve probably purchased an iced coffee, smoothie or a cold drink during the summer to beat the heat - and have you noticed your straw options?

As of early June 2019, the Canadian government announced and began to implement a new policy banning single-use plastic products which includes bags and straws by 2021. This effort is a national step towards reducing the amount of plastic waste the country produces and encourages the use of environmentally friendly alternatives.
Thanks to this federal plan and efforts of numerous ethical businesses - attitudes towards product production and distribution is changing. Whether it’s the cutlery options in a restaurant or proceeds of product profits being donated to ethical organizations; you have variety now more than ever to choose how you can genuinely make a difference.

No industry is short of options; take for example, the apparel industry. Approximately 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of water pollution is stemmed from the fibres and dyes used to create clothing. This harmful impact paired with a growing interest in shopping (online, now more than ever) may have you choosing between a stylish, urban wardrobe
which harms the environment or a restricted sustainable wardrobe.

Well, who says you can't have both? Versatile pieces like neutral t-shirts and hoodies that undergo clean manufacturing processes and are made from sustainable fabrics are available and accessible. At Awoke N' Aware, you are just a click away from not only sustainable, ethical apparel but also a platform that donates 15% of their profits to partnered wildlife conservations.

We care about wildlife and sustainability and as we continue our mission to save animals, we encourage you to join us and explore the many ways you can minimize your impact!

Rasha Rehman
"Communication lead by day and media entrepreneur by night; Rasha is a passionate Toronto-based journalist. Adopting nutrition and fitness habits and striving to make a positive impact on the envrionment keeps Rasha going."

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