Top 10 Endangered Animals

Top 10 Endangered Animals

By: Kelly Saltzman

Amur Leopard

Black Rhino

Bornean Orangutan

Cross Rive Gorilla

Hawksbill Turtle

Javan Rhino


Sumatran Elephant

and the list goes on and on.

There are two main reasons that an animal becomes threatened to the point of extinction

1. loss of habitat

2. loss of genetic variation.

There are definitely natural causes to habitats going away, and we can't blame all of them on humans. For example, natural reasons are the cause of the extinction of Dinosaurs. Due to a likely asteroid hitting down on earth, changes to the atmosphere were so drastic that the dino couldn't adapt.

But the other MAJOR reason, the reason we all know too well, is due to human activity. Yup, you and I.

We're busy building housing developments, industrial plants, or knocking down natural habitats for agricultural needs. These developments take away the homes of so many beautiful animals, impacting their native lands directly, for urban and human consumption.

First off, let's talk about what Genetic Variation is. It's what makes each of us unique. Why I have brown hair and brown eyes, and you may have red hair and green eyes. These variations are what gives our species the ability to thrive in our environment.

The larger a population, the more variation there is, and the stronger that species becomes.

If those variations are loss, the ability for that species to survive in more diverse environments is lost, too.

Right again, humans can hugely impact the loss of genetic variation in species. Due to over fishing, over hunting and over development, the variations are diminished causing the species to become weaker to environmental changes.  

First off, it's important that governments and international organizations do everything they can to protect and prioritize species (for example, a great influencer is the WWF).


In order for us, everyday people, to protect wildlife, we need to start with our voices. Speak up, get involved, show up. Talk to your family & friends about the endangered species in your own area. You'll be surprised how close to home some of these animals are. A simple search of "what species are endangered near me" will uncover a lot!


Vote with your wallets, spend money where it counts. You can donate to wildlife conservations (like Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Ol Pejeta Conservancy). Even easier than that, purchase sustainable products (check us out). Another example is sustainable wood will minimize deforestation and the destruction of many homes. So if you're looking for a new kitchen table, look for a sustainable sourced wood!

Here's another idea to be more sustainable - Grow plants that are native to your area. It will provide a home for the insects & bugs that are likely losing their homes. Again, an easy google search of "what plant species are natural to my area" will bring up a great list. And of course, you can start by planting our seed paper that are included in every order :)


The list of ideas to protect wildlife go on and on, so do your research, choose 1 or 2 small tasks that you can start this month!


Comment what you're doing to protect our planet and save our wildlife!

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