What Will Happen If Animals Disappear from Earth?

What Will Happen If Animals Disappear from Earth?

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APR 5, 2020

Protect our wildlife this Endangered Species Day

Rise in the greenhouse effect. Depletion of the ozone layer. Formation of acid precipitation. Our planet as we know it succumbs to its demise. No, I’m not just throwing different environmental crises at you. These are all consequences of an imbalance in our ecosystems, which will be the aftermath if we don’t act fast to save our species going extinct everyday.

According to scientists at the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity, there are 150 species going extinct everyday. They can be described as those who currently are in existence, but it may NOT be the case unless we take the necessary action to protect them.


Endangered Species day is upcoming on May 21 2021, so let’s take part by creating and joining the conversation to learn more about and increase awareness of the utmost importance of safeguarding and preserving our endangered wildlife.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has recognized over 26,500 species that risk extinction worldwide. In 2020, the WWF reported that the world experienced a 68% average decline in species from 1970 to 2016. That isn’t even a span of 50 years! Natural causes and most of all, human destruction of wildlife and their habitats play the predominant role on why this number is alarmingly high. If you want to dive deeper into the “Why” and causation of endangered animals, take a look at our previous blog (Top 10 Endangered Animals).

Let’s talk about the other “Why”. Why should I care? Why do we need to act now? Why is this important anyway? The answer lies in a concept that we learned in the second grade. It’s simple. Our ecosystem. Ever heard of the saying “every man for themselves?” Well, that doesn’t apply here, because our ecosystem is interconnected and interdependent on one another. Think of it like the domino effect. A change in one = an effect in all.

Although it may seem unimportant if we lose one species along the food web, but, a minor change can result in a tornado of problems that compromises the functionality of our ecosystem and disturbs the balance of biodiversity that affects us ALL. This means impacting our food, water, health, and environment, leading to further extinctions, and ultimately, leaving us in a never-ending cycle.

This isn’t a new phenomena. In fact, we’ve seen this before with the gray wolf population in the U.S. Humans, being mother earth’s most selfish creatures, can never seem to sit still and let nature run its course. So of course, we intervene for our own self-interests of urbanization, capitalization, which led to a mass extermination of the species. Problem solved? Hell no! Here's the visual spark note of the situation.

Notice how the removal of one animal species disrupted the rest?

How You can Be the Force for Change    

Written by Duaa Ahmed

It’s time to be honest!

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