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Who is Awoke N’ Aware?

offering lifestyle apparel that betters the world for all its inhabitants. awoke n’ aware is the go-to for a community who doesn’t want to look different but wants to do better. we focus on three pillars: the fit, the stitch, the mission.

  • the fit: we focus on providing you the perfect option for all your moments.
  • the stitch: the perfect style is in the details, and we pay attention to those, including the fabrics. we only use sustainable fabrics.. think certified organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles turned into fabrics, hemp, etc.
  • the mission: in partnering with wildlife conservations, we promise to   15% of our profits to help animals. currently, we are helping polar bears, elephants, and rhinos!

Do you have physical stores?

Not yet! But… one day… subscribe here today, and we will let you know when our first location is open!

Where can I find sizing information?

Check the style-specific sizing info on each product page. If you’re in need of more information on sizing, shoot us an email. We’re happy to help!

Will you be offering more sizes?

Yes! We’re still growing, and as we do, so will our size range. Currently, the male line comes in s, m, l, xl; female ranges from xs, s, m, l. If you need some help with sizing, just reach out! You can hit our facebook "message us" button and we will get back to you right away.

How can I exchange/return my item?

We accept returns within 30 days.

However, we don’t offer an exchange process, currently. But don’t worry… if you need to switch things up, we’re here to help. Send us an email, and include your order # in the subject. We’ll respond ASAP, and help ya out!

How long before my order ships?

We will process your orders within 2-5 business days (as long as the product is in-stock - we’ll let you know if that isn’t the case)
You can keep up to date with email or text notifications. You can select this option once your order is complete.

What is a preorder or backorder, and when will my order ship?

Sometimes, we’ll offer exclusive pre-orders, before the styles actually arrive. Once they arrive, we’ll ship them out within 2-5 business days after they become available at our warehouse. We will do our best to keep you updated on this.

What forms of payment do you take?

Currently, we accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Apple Pay.

Where can I leave a review about my item?

We’re always happy to hear about your product and experience! To leave a review of a product, visit the item’s information page, scroll below the product details and click “write a review.”

Where do you MANUFACTURE?

Love that you’re reading this tab! It’s crucial to know where your clothes are coming from #whomademyclothes. Currently, we have partnered with an amazing manufacturer called MetaWear. A thought leader is sustainable and ethical production, MetaWear has helped us produce our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirts in their Fair Trade Certified India.

MetaWear trains the farmers in regenerative organic farming practices. This is an innovative practice to minimize environmental impacts by building soil health, sequestering carbon, and removing toxic chemicals from the farms and surrounding communities. This program and their standard address social, economic, and environmental issues that have been afflicting India’s cotton belt and its farmers for decades.

Are you ethical?

Yaaas!! We can’t claim to want to better our planet, and not consider our global community. We manufacture in globally, but only with factories with the highest regard for their people. It takes us several months to find a partner factory that we feel confident will represent our brand well! We leverage accredited compliance audits, such as Fair Trade Certifications, as a base level. We want our working to have fair pay and work hours that are reasonable and develop relationships with them to make sure this is a consistent truth. To learn more, read about the Fair Trade Certification, and know all of our partners carry their approval.   

Is your apparel sustainable?

Abso-f*cking-lutely! If we really want to save our animals, we need be treat our planet with the respect it deserves. We try to minimize our impact as much as possible. From only low impact fabrics to recycled and recyclable packaging. As we learn more, we will continue to do more! Let’s learn together.


  • certified organic cottons

  • recycled polyester

  • upcycled materials

  • Hemp

  • Cork

Packaging Materials:

  • poly mailer: 100% recycled content, recyclable
  • hemp twine: renewable & biodegradable
  • hang tag: biodegradable paper, plant it and it will grow you a plant!
  • recycled tissue paper: recycled, biodegradable, recyclable
  • stickers: 100% post consumer waste using recycle compatible adhesive
  • business cards: made of recycled cotton t-shirts

and more excited stuff to come!

What materials do you use?

Currently, we use 100% certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. As we grow, so will our fabrics. Come back soon to learn more!

Why do we prefer these fabrics?

  1. one 100% organic t-shirt saves:
  • 79g of chemical fertilizers
  • 610mg of hazardous pesticides
  • 695l of water
  • 15hr of a 60 w lightbulb
  • 2km of average car exhaust

    (b) one recycled poly hoodie:

  • 63,000million tonnes of polyester fiber are produced annually, switching to recycled polyester reduces our dependence
  • There are about 8 plastic bottles per hoodie
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