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Awoke N’ Aware (An’A) strives to be a leader for environmental sustainability in the textile industry and believes it is our responsibility to provide the opportunity to our customers to shop in a way that lessens the impact on our planet, communities, and economies.


We are prepared to take on the responsibility to consider how our actions impact and affect the environment directly and indirectly through our manufacturing processes, distribution processes, and marketing.


We are determined to minimize the impact our operation has on the environment and its inhabitants and will demonstrate to the fashion community that there is a way to wear what they desire without being the second most harmful industry in the world.



This Policy applies to the impacts of An’A operations and decisions.


Policy Our Environmental Commitments  

Educating our Consumers: An’A will emphasize to its consumers the importance of sustaining the planet and its inhabitants in all marketing efforts.

Protecting our Environment: An’A will do its part in protecting the environment, by partnering with factories that express their understanding of the importance of sustainable processes and go above and beyond industry norms. As well, An’A will continually look for ways to operate in a manner that prevents excess pollution by managing operations in a responsible manner;  

Compliance: An’A will always attempt to go above and beyond its environmental criteria and continually update it.

Environmental Standards: An’A will put in place an environmental management system, only work with GOTS certified factories and fair trade materials and organic and/or recycled materials. As well, An’A will continue to go above and beyond our criteria and update as needed.


Our Operations

Objectives and Targets: An’A will establish, review annually and report progress on objectives and targets in order to improve upon its environmental management systems to better its performance both environmentally and ethically;  

Own Operations: An’A will minimize its environmental impacts through partnering with suppliers that go above and beyond the legislation and continually find best practices for its own operations to minimize its use of energy, transportation, material consumption, water use, waste and emissions;

Purchasing Decisions: An’A considers all of its suppliers' environmental footprints and the effects of our products on the environment. The environment is a focus in our purchasing decisions; and  

Audit: As An’A grows, it will ensure to instil environmental management process through annual internal and external audits.

Our Engagement and Transparency

Employees: An’A, currently has no employees. However, as it grows, it will ensure all employees are aware and fully align to the company’s environmental friendly processes. An’A will always support creativity and enthusiasm of its future employees when it comes to sustainability programs and initiatives;  

Stakeholders: An’A will value stakeholders who emphasize the importance of environmental issues and use advice from these industry experts into consideration; and

Reporting: An’A will practice transparency with its environmental performance internally through all channels (i.e social media, public channels, our website ( We will update our policy on a need be basis and hold itself accountable to maintain high standards to advocate for the environment and to demonstrate leadership qualities in the apparel industry.


An’A’s Sustainability Council is comprised of its two founders and seeks guidance from partners and industry experts for insights on environmental, social and governance issues.


Both founders of An’A hold themselves responsible for implementing and guiding this policy for An’A’s environmental processes.



For questions regarding this policy or environmental initiatives at An’A, please reach out to either Co-Founder:


(March 2018)

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