Would you buys someone else’s fingernails?

The rhino horn is made of same substance as fingernails! Keratin.

The demand for rhinos today comes from a false belief that the horn has medicinal properties. The horn is also used as an ornamental dagger handle.

Rhino populations have declined by 97% from the 1900s to 1960s, due to poaching.

In 1993, there were estimated to be just 2,300 black rhino living in the wild, but thanks to conservation efforts across Kenya and southern Africa, populations have risen to over 5,000 today.


There is no color difference between Black rhinos and white rhinos! Black rhinos have a hooked lip to browse shrubs, they prefer thick bush habitat. They are also smaller than the white rhinos and usually found to be more solitary and shy than white rhino, and have a reputation for being more aggressive.

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Our partner, Ol Pejeta and similar organizations, has continuous efforts to bring back the black rhino population.

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