April 22nd is not just another Wednesday

April 22nd is not just another Wednesday

April 22, 2020

Published by Aakanksha Nair

Check your Calendar, 22nd April is not Wednesday

Haven’t you heard? This is no ordinary week. This week, Wednesday is dedicated to the one thing all of us across the 7 continents have in common: our planet. This Wednesday we celebrate Earth Day!

What started in 1970 with the ringing of the UN Peace Bell at the very moment of the equinox is now a 50-year-old tradition. A tradition that brings together 193 countries each year to demonstrate support for environmental protection. To call it one of the biggest environmental celebrations would be an understatement. Why? Because every year, people from all corners of the world coordinate and gather not for a concert, not for a festival but for the planet. They come together to contribute to environmental protection in any and every way they can: from garage collection to planting and from recycling to debating sustainability issues.

It means that on 22nd April you get to be a part of this celebration from the comfort of your home! Earth Day 2020 is happening online and you have the chance to connect virtually with fellow Earthlings and be a part of this movement's 50th celebration. What’s a celebration without a theme? The overall theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. As the good people organizing the virtual Earth Day say, there are four ways in which you can contribute to SAVE the planet:

1. Speak Up

The internet has made the world a smaller place. Since most of the population will be at home this Earth Day, we have the unique opportunity to come together like never before and exercise our freedom of speech. How? Log into your social media channels and create content that will help the planet. Spotted something that’s not good for the environment? Realized something simple that can help? Talk about it. Tweet about it. TikTok about it. This is your chance to speak up for the planet. Use #EarthDay when posting and also follow the hashtag to see what others are saying.

2. Act

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that every individual’s effort matters. The places that are recovering are doing so because individuals in these places have realized the importance of their actions and are doing what’s necessary to stop the spread. Similarly, climate change is also a global phenomenon that can be impacted from the individual level. Take time to identify what actions you can start taking from this Earth Day to minimize your negative impact. Can you switch off the tap while washing your hands for 20 seconds? Can you promote sustainable brands? Can you say no to fast fashion? Find your own way to a sustainable life one small action at a time. Need more ideas? Follow Earth Day on social media (@earthdaynetwork) to get access to a new, impactful way to drive change every hour of the 24 hours.

3. Vote

For all those that are legally allowed to vote, take this day to research which parties are working for a sustainable future. No elections anytime soon? Can’t vote yet? Don’t worry, there’s still a lot that you can do. Start reading so you’re informed when you can vote. Tweet at your local representatives and get the conversation rolling about their plans for the future. Talk to people so they know to consider this aspect when voting. Change comes from changemakers and you can become one this Earth Day by simply working towards being an informed voter. For more ways, track the Earth network which will be sharing ways to get involved in local, state, and national politics as they launch the Vote Earth campaign

4. Educate

Being an informed citizen of the world is our right and duty. Our planet and our future only stand to benefit if we make more sustainable choices. Despite the gravity of the situation, not all of us are on the same page about the importance of sustainable living. In times like these, it becomes important to not only educate ourselves on ways to live more sustainably but also to educate others and inspire action. Earth Day is making this easier by bringing together some of the world’s most inspiring musicians, artists, scientists, and thought leaders to share their experience and insights across the 24 hours of Earth Day. Make sure to tune in.

Earth day

Earth Day is going to be nothing short of a global celebration with multiple stages (virtually ofcourse). To give you perspective, in addition to the primary event there will be over 584 additional events taking place. For more information on how to make the most of this day visit their website and subscribe to their live event tracker. Other campaigns you can participate on the same day include:

  1. NASA’s #EarthDayAtHome campaign which includes a wide list of tools, resources, games, and activities around all things Earth
  2. Budweiser Canada’s Raise One For Planet campaign which has not only launched a specially marked can for Earth Day but will also donate a portion of their sales to Earth Day efforts
  3. The World Wildlife Fund’s #ArtforEarth campaign which encourages you to share nature-themed artwork on social media with #ArtForEarth
  4. Hyundai’s #DarkSelfieChallenge which asks you to turn off all the lights and click a selfie with just the flash on.
  5. Awoke N’ Aware has partnered with a few other local & eco friendly brands to come together for a giveaway for Earth Week. The activity is simple: like the picture, follow the accounts on the post and tag your eco bestie who would also love to win this merch.


The list is endless and the day is here. Find time, make time, but take this day to do something for the planet that has given us coffee, wine, and all things fine.


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