The Arctic is Burning

The Arctic is Burning

365 days to save the planet. Our Polar Bears are on THIN ice… literally.

Author Rasha Rehman / Category Sustainable Living / Published: Aug-22-2019

#DidYouKnow that july was the hottest month ever recorded? #Dropitlikeitshot. We’re not even talking global warming anymore, this is some next level ish. Things aren’t looking great either. So let’s chat about it.

“The sense that the end of next year is the last chance saloon for climate change is becoming clearer all the time.” - BBC Science

Wondering what’s actually happening?

Global warming is impacting the arctic due to increases in the water and air temperature. As the temperature rising, the sea ice melts.. So yes, the polar bears are quite literally, on thinner ice.

Global warming is caused heavily due to us (the humans)! We’re burning huge amounts of fossil fuel (i.e the stuff we fill our cars with) which in turn increases CO2 in the atmosphere - this is where you hear the term 'GreenHouse Gas Effect’ (GHG). To explain what GHG is, check out the visual on the side. The sun is hot (duhhh) and emits heat into the atmosphere, which SHOULD be reflected out and released into space. BUT, because of GHGs, that heat gets trapped in the atmosphere and keeps us toasty warm.


Because of our actions, the planet is warming above what is should be.. And it’s only getting warmer!   BUT - we shouldn’t give up hope. It’s in our hands to do something. Next Month, the UN climate summit there are some important talks to be had. And some wins we can take up.

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  • “Push governments to declare a climate emergency and commit to 100% clean energy
  • Help get millions to join brave children for the biggest climate strike in history next month
  • Offer trainings to the most inspiring youth climate leaders around the world
  • Face down Big Oil blockers and their cronies wherever they threaten to take power” -Avaaz Org



But that’s what the big guys are doing. What can us every day folks do? Honestly, we have all the tools we need to start acting more green! Here’s what we’re doing at Awoke N’ Aware to try to be more eco-friendly

    • Eat Less Meat: 30% of the planet is used for raising livestock. Reducing how much meat you consume helps cut back greenhouse gas emissions AND *bonus* opens up more land we can enjoy for recreation. We’re not saying BE VEGAN or 100% VEGETARIAN, but what about Meatless Mondays, or Fish Taco Tuesdays? We’re into it, you can be too!
    • Less Paper, More Recycle. I mean… when was the last time you even wrote something on paper? We’re so reliant on computers these days… but the less paper, the better. By recycling 1 ton of paper, you can save SEVENTEEN trees! Recycling is super easy!
    • Stop with the plastic bags. Canvas bags are a must. Just store them in your trunk, or at the bottom of your backpack. It’s such a simple alternative to plastic bags or paper bags. Plus, think about it, in the long run you’ll save money! All the 5c plastic bags add up vs a one time investment in a canvas bag!
    • You less energy usage in your home: plenty of ways to crack down on energy waste in your home. You can begin with just lowering the thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer… even just 1-2˚C! You can also cut back on the dryer, and instead use a dry rack. Win for the planet, and your clothes! (FYI it’s not great for your fabrics to go into the dryer!) Cherry on top, better for your wallet & the environment.

There are literally a billion more ways, but let’s start with this. More to come :)

Reach out on instagram and let us know how it’s going for you!

Kelly Saltzman
Awoke N' Aware

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